16th June 2013 – Club Coffs to Lowanna

Ride Report – Club Coffs to Lowanna
16th June 2013
Ian Scott

Seven riders started out from Club Coffs for a bit of self-inflicted torture by riding up to Lowanna. El Presedente, showing a bit more common sense, decided to start from the top of Red Hill. Steve Drake has a new toy, a helmet mounted video camera, so is going to record parts of this ride.

The entire group managed to reach the top of Red Hill OK, which was the first obstacle out of the way. The ride leader (yours truly) displayed his hill climbing ability by arriving last (“I am their leader, I must follow them!”)

Onwards to Coramba with surprising little traffic on Orara Way then we turn off onto Eastern Dorrigo Way for a 13Km climb. No sign of George so we assume he has started climbing the hill. Although the climb is not steep, it goes on and on. I cannot speak for the rest of the group but by the time we reach the top, my energy reserves are depleted, demolishing a banana in record time. We catch site of George at the top.

Having overcome the two major climbs on this route, there was one short sharp hill to negotiate and we arrived in Lowanna.

We stop at the Boxcar café for the requisite coffee and food. Most of us opt for the quick option of pies and sausage rolls with Tim going for a Snickers bar. Don and Michelle hang out for Bacon and Egg rolls which when they arrive make the rest of us jealous as the rolls are huge with a huge pile of chips.

Suitably refreshed and refueled we negotiate the short climb back out of Lowanna and then the very long down hill run back to Coramba. It’s only when you realize how long it takes to get down the hill, you realize how long the climb up was.

Riding the last bit back from Coramba to the top of Red Hill was reasonably easy with undulating hills. The traffic on Orara Way was much heavier than in the morning. Final rest spot at Red Hill where we say goodbye to George. Now the adrenaline rush descending Red Hill into Coffs and arrive back at Club Coffs.

Steve will upload his video of the ride and we will post a link on our website so you can all see what great hill climbers we are!!

Michelle informs us she achieved 3 personal firsts, Red Hill, Eastern Dorrigo Way and more than 60 kph on a bike!

Tim, having got a lift from Nambucca with George, decides to put us all to shame by riding back to Nambucca. All that on a Snickers bar!

Me? I’m just going home to sleep!