23/6/2013 Urunga to Bowraville via Macksville

DUBBUG Ride Report
23nd June, 2013
George Smith

Hooray, the weather man got it wrong; there was not a hint of rain for our ride to from Urunga to Bowraville and back via Macksville. Well he got one bit right. It was very cold early. This was remarked on by George who started from Macksville at 6 am and by Tim who started at 7 from Nambucca Heads. The uncharitable might say “serves them right” but our fellow riders showed the requisite degree of sympathy.

All up 9 riders took part. The ride itself was quite hilly but enjoyable Phil Jones and Tim set the pace for the front runners and George for the laggards. We were joined by Sally for the section from Nambucca to Wirrimbi. Allan Brighton and Debbie rode the shorter version of our ride by starting from Valla.

Steve and Bettyanne showed their fitness by keeping up with the leaders for the majority of the ride.

Coffee and other refreshments at Bowraville was a very welcome interval and disappeared very quickly.

The only blots on an, otherwise, uneventful and enjoyable day was provided; first by a driver who passed two of the riders on a downhill, (they were doing about 60 kph at the time) and then pulled over in front of them, braked suddenly and stopped at the roadside. Later on the ride another driver could not wait and passed much too close to the same two riders on a bridge when a car was coming the other way. Apparently he felt that avoiding a few second’s delay was justification for putting their lives at risk. It is clear that some drivers do not recognise that a bike at speed takes a lot more distance to stop than a car and that we need some space to ride in. Fortunately in both cases the riders were able to stay on their machines, but each event could have led to a serious accident. Please! Drivers, allow us some space, we are actually quite nice people and even drive cars ourselves. Members of our Bicycle Users Group, ride for our health and enjoyment, we try to pose as little impediment to traffic as we can, by generally riding in single file, but, we are entitled to be on the road and would like to stay alive for some time yet.
I have been hit by a truck and it is not an experience I hanker to repeat. If my language on the occasion of the two events described was too colourful I apologise – put it down to fear.
I should close by saying that the vast majority of drivers show us care and consideration and their actions are very much appreciated.
All of the above aside, it was an enjoyable ride and one we will undoubtedly repeat.