9/6/2013 Dorrigo to Bostobrick

The DUBBUG’s scheduled ride in Dorrigo on Sunday 9.6.13 was not affected by the forecasts of rain. Allan Brighton, as ride leader, was particularly thorough in ringing each rider at 6:30 am to verify that weather conditions were suitable. The car journey up the mountain was a pleasure in itself, as the hinterland has donned the beautiful ochres, of the autumn palette. The air was certainly sharp and additional layers were added. A momentary concern, regarding Steve’s broken gear selector, was quickly repaired by our definitive ride leader. Steve set off undaunted with a gear selection of TWO!

The ride out to Bostobrick has haunted many riders, with its many hills, but Sunday proved these preoccupations as groundless. Our group of just six riders was quite compact; perhaps our strongest rider Phil was humouring us. Steve predictably went close to losing his sunglasses. Herb was still in recovery mode from a week of excesses in Sydney, celebrating the birth of another grandchild, Zak. Bettyanne and Bruce maintained a low profile as the middle riders. As always, we all reached the coffee shop happy to inhale our selected delicacies.