It’s got to be some kind of record

It’s got to be some kind of record

Dorrigo Urunga Bellingen Bicycle Users Group (DUBBUG) recently celebrated another active cyclist member joining the “80’s Chapter”.  This significant chapter is exclusive for cyclists, aged over 80, who remain active with the club, and are recognised as participating in regular cycling rides.  It’s not easy to qualify, as any keen cyclist would know.  DUBBUG is renowned for long, often fast cycle rides and there are plenty of hills on the regular rides.  One thing though, it’s very sociable and there is always the mandatory stop for coffee and chats.

DUBBUG is quite a small, dedicated cycling club and, for the more senior members, an institution of immense pride.  Many of the cyclists choose to participate in this healthy sport regardless of rain, wind, heat or cold.  Perhaps this is one of the secrets to good health and sound minds.  The seniors also inspire the “younger” members (many of whom have trouble keeping pace with the “top gun” seniors) with the benefit of creating strong cohesion within the group.

What makes this a record is nearly 20% of DUBBUG active cyclists is made up from seniors (over 80’s).  DUBBUG challenges other bicycle clubs to having such high senior ratios.  It just shows how age is no barrier when it comes to keeping fit & active.

To keep fit, DUBBUG holds at least three cycle rides each week for members to regularly participate – Wednesday, Friday & Sunday and the program is detailed at

“I love the cycling, friendship & challenge.  Even when recovering from a health issue, I can’t wait to get back on the bicycle”, says long time member Al Brighton.

The DUBBUG 80’s Chapter welcomes a “new” recruit over coffee. From L-R (back) Robert Sauer, George Smith, (front) John McCormack, Alan Brighton, Herb Simpson

Article written by Dave Spears, DUBBUG Secretary
14 May 2021

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