Glen Innes Highlands Tour

The Glen Innes Highlands tour is a 5 day cycling adventure at Glen Innes during the week 1 – 5 November (inclusive).

Full details of the program (including gpx) can be found by clicking here.

Our thanks to Rayner for putting forward a program filled with many opportunities on a mixture of road & mtb/gravel bike rides.

Finer Details:

  1. Accommodation- investigating caravan park for clamping/camping options
  2. Propose we arrive Glen Innes on Sunday afternoon (31 Oct) and cycle Monday to Friday. Return home Saturday (6 Nov).
  3. All rides are a combination of gravel and paved roads – follow this link to download details.
  4. Rayner has offered to provide the use of a support vehicle catering for morning coffee/tea and cake and, on the longer rides, lunch.
  5. Riders to contribute cake/biscuits for sharing at a “picnic” stop
  6. Expect all riders to contribute a nominal fee ($TBA) towards support vehicle & picnic consumables.
  7. We encourage riders to assist by share driving the support vehicle (Toyota/automatic) for approx 20km or less before changing drivers. That way we all get to ride a greater proportion of each ride.

If this cycling adventure appeals to you, please let Rayner know so she can confirm availability of accommodation, complete planning, & create an updated email list to keep you advised.