Glen Innes

DUBBUG members Bicycle Tour: Sunday 31st October 2021 – 6 November 2021

Tour organiser: Rayner Janzen.

Please click here to download full description of tour and administrative arrangements.

Please click here to download description of each ride

Monday morning – Stonehenge/ Standing Stones (38km) (57% paved/43% unpaved)

Download file: Stonehenge_.gpx

Monday afternoon – Around Town (16km)

Download file: Around_town.gpx

Tuesday – Option 1 Bald Nob – Long (102km) (47% paved/53% unpaved)

Download file: Bald_Nob_Long_.gpx

Tuesday – Option 2 Bald Nob – Short (47km) (77% paved/23%unpaved)

Download file: Bald_Nob_shorter.gpx

Wednesday – Option 1. Furracabad – Long (57km) (50% paved/50% unpaved)

Download file: Furracabad_Long.gpx

Wednesday Option 2. Furracabad – Short (44km) (66% paved/34% unpaved)

Download file: Furracabad_Short.gpx

Thursday Option 1 Red Range/Pretty Valley/Glen Leigh (100km) (40% paved/60% unpaved)

Thursday Option 2 Red Range/Costello/ Glen Leigh (78km) (48% paved/52% unpaved)

Download file: No_Pinkett_Costello_Glen_Leigh.gpx

Thursday Option 3 Glencoe/Glen Leigh (55km) (81% paved/19%unpaved)

Download file: Glencoe_Glen_Leigh_Rd.gpx

Friday Deepwater/ Thunderbolt’s Lookout (83km) (55% paved/45% unpaved)

Download file: Deepwater_Thunderbolt_.gpx