Change to Sunday’s Ride

Having almost expired after riding the South Arm/North Bank loop last Sunday with Coffs BUG, I realised there is no way I could ride the Mount Brown Loop in my current state of fitness. It’s a bit difficult being ride leader when you cannot ride the route! So I have decided to change the ride to an easier route around Coffs. Here is the proposed route: Start at BP North Urunga at 8:00am. Ride up the old/new highway to Lyons Road then along Lyons Road to Toormina Rd. Through Toormina, wave to George Smith who will be counting bikes at Toormina roundabout. Along the cycleway on Hogbin drive, Howard St (racecourse), Beacon Hill, around the jetty, along Ocean Parade to Home base. Coffee at Homebase. Back home through city centre, past golf course, Thompsons Rd then the cycleways along highway to Lyons Road then highway back to Urunga.