Ride Report 20th January 2013 – Urunga to Bellingen

Riding forty-five kilometers in the rain is not for everyone. After the first five minutes it is difficult to know why people would be dissuaded from riding by such weather. Once you are wet you can enjoy the unseasonable coolness, so a little fortitude in the beginning is rewarded by a sweat free experience.

Road conditions require care, however, as that puddle could contain a pothole of sufficient depth to precipitate a crash and that downhill corner you would normally take at speed in dry conditions becomes a potential slide zone in the wet. As for brakes, they border on useless if you let things get out of hand.

Nevertheless the ride from Urunga along South Arm Road (accompanied by the strains of the bass beat from the rave party still chemically fuelled in the distance) was accomplished safely by all and the hot coffee was most welcome at the Old Butter Factory.

The return ride to Urunga was led by Betty Anne storming to the front and holding her position against all comers with the exception of Kirk whose bulging muscles are no longer hindered by extra weight. Phil has had to relinquish his position as King of the Mountain to this behemoth. Herb too will be finding it more difficult to restrain himself in his self-imposed duty as tail end Charlie as his speed has also increased under the relentless pressure of the weekday rides. Mike just keeps adding cycling kilometers to the 150 000 or so his body has already absorbed.