Ride Report 22/4/2012

Under Debbie O’Reilly’s leadership nine DUBBUG riders set off from BP North Urunga on a beautiful sunny morning for our ride through Coffs Harbour, up Bruxner Park and on to Bucca T. We picked up 6 extra riders from Coffs Harbour at the Bunning’s roundabout.

Alan Brighton and Herb Simpson, who had just returned from three days cycling in the Armidale district, decided to save their weary legs and turned back at Bunning’s.  Phil Jones who, it seems, is made of sterner stuff added the 90+ kms to his Armidale tally with no apparent difficulty.

Heavy rain on Friday caused some washouts and left lots of road debris but the coastal views were magnificent!  Garden Mania, with its old world charm, lifted our spirits and quelled our appetites on the way back to Urunga.

George Smith relished his role as “Tail-end-Charlie” following Herb’s departure.  It gave him an excuse for arriving last at every catch-up stop.  He was ably assisted in this onerous task by Bettyanne Austen.

The Armidale trip proved a great success.  Five of our riders attended and have clearly stated their intention to repeat the experience in the future.  The autumn colours were “amazing”.  The weather was great and not too cold.  The company was, of course’  “fantastic”.  To top it all off Coleen Henry celebrated her birthday. (The age achieved is “classified”).

Those of us who missed out are very miffed.

Next week’s ride is another epic. Urunga BP to Mount Brown and back – about 90 kms again – starting at 0800.  The usual Wednesday and Friday rides also start at the Urunga BP at 0800