Ride Report 21st October 2012 – Urunga to Bellingen

DUBBUG ride report
21 October 2012

Summer is well and truly on its way, if today’s cycle was anything to go by. The ride start was back to its daylight savings setting of 7.30am, and it was hard for some of us to get going that early. But nine showed up for the ride to Bellingen viaSouth Arm Roadand return viaNorth Bank Road.

Despite the warmer temperature, the air was still cool, and there was no wind on the way out – perfect conditions for cycling. A number of cyclists on the ride had done some pretty tough sessions recently, for example the trip up the mountain to Dorrigo and 50km beyond a couple of weeks ago (Tim, Phil, Mike and Steve), and Mike had just returned from a six-day cycle around Mudgee. All of us seemed happy to take the well-known and well-worn path to the Butter Factory atBello.

It may have been the warmer weather, but the ride today seemed especially aromatic, or perhaps malodorous is a better term. There is almost always the scent of diesel hanging in the air as large four-wheel drives and trucks accelerate past on the highway. But today, there were also a couple of road kills that assaulted the nose as we cycled by. And for some reason, we seemed to choose spots like a cattle yard or just outside the Bellingen tip to wait for everyone to catch up.

We were waiting at one spot for everyone to regroup when the Coffs BUG caught up with us. After a quick chat the DUBBUG riders were back on their bikes and down the road to make sure they got to coffee first.

No flat tyres and a breeze to cool us off on the way home helped make it a great cycle.