Report by GH 18/12/2011

It has been a great year of cycling not only for our group but for cycling in general, particularly with Cadel Evans’ achievements. Not that we are in his league by a long, long way.

We have had many and varied rides up and down the coast and inland, many places we have not been before or seen before. It is great to observe our beautiful area from a bike seat where it is possible to see lots of things not seen speeding along a road in a car. Not only that we have ridden some very long and hard rides that have kept us fit and given us a sense of achievement, as well as some aching legs.

Sundays ride was to Nambucca Heads which was in cool air and most enjoyable, some days the hills are easy and others they seem to never end, Sunday was one of the better ones. For a change we rode straight down the highway instead of out through Hungry Head and into Osprey Dr. With the new section of road from Martells rd down the “ big dipper “ it is a lot safer and enough speed can be gained to easily fly over the top without much effort. .

We had the pleasure of Betty Smith’s company with our coffee at the Tavern café at the mouth of the river. This is a very pleasant area and we spent time sitting there enjoying the company and the view. We did spend a little longer as when George Hudson went to get on his bike the front tyre was flat, thanks to the glass on the road from broken bottles thrown out the windows of cars. George Smith peeled off at Nambucca as he had ridden from Macksville to meet us at the start in Urunga.

Ray  Guiana set the pace on the way home closely followed by Graeme Richardson, the small tail wind made it a very pleasant and enjoyable ride back to Urunga. There was a small sighting of Bob & Lynn Cooper as we sped past their house, won’t be long before we see Bob into it again.

Only week day rides this week, 7.30 am from BP Wednesday and Friday, visitors are welcome.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.