Nambucca & Bellingen in one day

The “roadies” (Road bike riders) took to the New Highway this Sunday whilst the “mountain bikers” went bush, as detailed later on.

There were just six roadies to test the 60 km Urunga to Nambucca Heads and back and they had a very enjoyable time of it.

Needless to say John Mc Cormack and Kirk Taylor did their best to go astray at the Nambucca Roundabout but were called back by the dulcet tones of their leader.  There was some debate as to whether John should be handicapped as he is riding so strongly these days and putting some of us to shame.

Refreshments were taken at Nambucca. Fish and chips AND bacon and eggs were consumed by Kirk and Kerrie – It is so unfair that they are still so slim whilst those of us who simply drank coffee might be considered somewhat “plump”.

The ride home was as enjoyable as the ride out. Except for me, George, who found an enormous staple to put through my rear tyre.  They told me that this was the penalty for riding in the front.  I let the others lead from there on but no one else punctured. Again it is so unfair!

All in all the “roadies” had a great ride.

The “mountain bikers” went to Bellingen via Valery Road, Timboon Road, Olga’s Road, & Hyde Creek Road.  The return was via Glennifer.  There were plenty of ‘off track’ challenges for those willing to attempt and a variety of road/track conditions to contend with.  Rayner, our ride leader, told us to go slow as she & Michelle had been “putting in the kilometres” over the last few days, having tested the 100 km challenge.  Amusingly Rayner did not seem to heed her own instructions as she kept up a brisk pace at the front.  Pete showed us how to jump bikes over fallen trees lying across the track.  Rick & Penny continued to develop their confidence “mountain biking” and were almost tempted to shute down a steep hill challenge on the way back. 

Mountain bikes, being somewhat heavier saps your energy quicker.  The group concluded we actually completed double our 65 km ride today in terms of amount of energy expended.  It was a fantastic day to go cycling and great to tour through some amazing bushland in the state forests and national parks near Bellingen.

Next week’s Sunday ride is a rehearsal for the 100 km challenge.  We’ll depart Southern Cross University at 7.30 am and meet up around 8.30 am with those wishing to join at Urunga.