Macksville to Fisherman’s Reach

Fishermans ReachConfusion and organised chaos seemed to be the flavour of today’s ride, at least in the early stages. First off, Ian and Kerrie were coming from Bellingen and as they were going to be a few minutes late they thought they would text and ask us to wait for them. But the phone wasn’t in the car, so they returned home to get the phone, only to find it actually was in the car. So in the end they texted they were going to be even later than they originally thought.

Phil phoned from Nambucca Heads, wondering why there wasn’t anyone waiting at the start point, to be told that the start point was Macksville. Both he and Herb had looked at an old copy of the ride schedule, and not only was the start point different, but so was the destination – not Missabotti after all, but Fisherman’s Reach. Both had looks of total bewilderment on their faces when Colleen did the ride briefing.

Enthusiastic Dave showed up on time, which confused everyone, as he’s usually running at least five minutes behind the start time when it’s a ride starting from Macksville.

Ian, who was there first, didn’t park in the usual spot at the Aquatic Centre – more confusion! And to top it off, when the group was finally underway a half an hour late and a kilometre down the road, Colleen couldn’t remember if she’d locked the car so she turned back while everyone waited for her.

Luckily, the rest of the ride was straightforward and uneventful. From Macksville the group of eight riders (all of the above, plus Mike) headed south to Scotts Head Road, then turned off on Grassy Head Road to Stuarts Point and then beyond to Fisherman’s Reach.

There was a light wind at our backs to push us back the way we had come after arriving at Fisherman’s Reach, and we stopped in Scotts Head for a great cup of coffee at the Taverna 6, before cycling back to Macksville, a total of 65km.

It was the first time the group had done that particular ride and it gave us all a chance to confirm once again that the Grassy Head hills are easier going south than coming back north.

Next week’s ride will be leaving from Urunga BP at 8am, heading north to Lyons Road on the old Pacific Highway, with coffee in Sawtell, then returning via cycleway past the Coffs Harbour Education Centre, over to the old Bunnings and back to Lyons Road to take the old Pacific Highway home. Everyone is welcome on this 48km ride.

Rides also leave Wednesday and Friday at 8am from Urunga BP for distances of around 30km. For more information see our website –