DUBBUG Ride Report 8 June 2014

The ride from Scotts Head to Fisherman’s Reach has three good hills in it (six if you count them both ways) but our Sunday ride is now dubbed the “Scotts Head Flats” ride.

Herb, our ever-cheerful tail end Charlie, collected three flat tyres on the 37km ride, but true to form arrived back at Scotts Head with a smile and not too far behind the rest of the pack.

Ride Leader Alan demonstrated our DUBBUG value of sticking together, and stayed with Herb to make sure he changed his tyre properly (said very tongue in cheek).

The majority of the ride was trouble free and fun for the rest of us, with a pack of visiting mountain bike riders joining us for the ride to Stuarts Point before they headed back to Scotts Head.

The road bikers went to the end of the road at Fisherman’s Reach, with Colleen and Bettyanne doing a 30kph push into a head wind before Phil joined them and gave them a bit of a break.

Robert was back on his bike after a long break and it was great to see him tackle the hills with what looked like little effort. Liz was there too, maintaining a solid presence in the middle of the group, while Mark seemed to buzz between the head, middle and end – you’re never sure where you’re going to see him.

Back at Scotts Head, Alan’s lovely wife Bev joined us at the Taverna 6 for coffee and President George, who hadn’t cycled, joined us for a group meeting following refreshments.

The Scotts Heads Flats ride will join our yearly calendar of rides; although it was shorter than our usual Sunday ride, the hills provided enough extra effort to make the grade.

Next week’s bike ride is the Kempsey Surprise, with an 8am start from Macksville Aquatic Centre for a moderate to hard ride of 110km to Kempsey via the Kempsey bypass and return through Kempsey.

“Not many hills, but distance will be the challenge” says Ride Leader George, who can be contacted on 0419 182 117 for more information.

New riders are welcomed to the DUBBUG and are encouraged to try one of our shorter rides, every Wednesday and Friday at 8am at the Urunga BP Station.

Visit our website for more information about rides and the group: www.dubbug.org.au