Coffs to Woopi

Coffs to Woopi

Ian Scott 22nd June 2014

Nine riders gathered at Homebase ready for our Woopi adventure. After a brief discussion of the weather, temperature and the appropriate number of layers for winter riding, we headed off. To get past Macauleys Headland unscathed (Zero shoulder on the highway, those B-Double wheels get mighty close!) we went up the cycleway on the eastern side then along Macauleys Headland road, past Annuka Beach Resort then back on the highway at Pacific Bay resort. Robert and Liz join us at Bruxner Park road.

We are making great progress along the new highway then come across a patch of broken glass covering the whole shoulder. Obviously the yobbo element in our society must lead shallow lives if their entertainment is breaking beer bottles on the road. Most of the group managed to avoid the glass until that familiar call from the back of the pack, “Flat Tyre”.

Don (who incidentally is the only rider not in uniform) has a flat front tyre. With his extensive experience fixing flats, we are soon on the way again. Only another few kms up the road and Don has yet another flat, this time removing a large chunk of glass he missed the first time.

With no further mishaps, we arrive at Woolgoolga and ride up to the headland for a bit of whale watching. They did not disappoint, several spotted in the few minutes we were there.

Robert and Liz has kindly invited us to their house for coffee. We arrive at their place to be presented with a magnificent spread of various cakes and slices. The carrot cake disappeared in record time, closely followed by the apple muffins.

Back on the bikes for the homeward journey and we are confronted with a head wind all the way back to Homebase. Everyone enjoyed today’s ride. Once all the roadworks are finished on both the highway and the service roads, the possibility for various cycling adventures north of Coffs is limitless. Today was the first time yours truly has cycled from Coffs to Woopi.

Next Sunday’s ride is an easy ride to Sawtell. Alan (6655 6018) is ride leader.

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