Annual General Meeting 24th January 2016

Dorrigo Urunga Bellingen Bicycle Users Group

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting       24th January 2016

Meeting opened at 9.45am

Present: R. Sauer, P. Jones, M. Ottaway, L. Counihan, D. Spears, G. Smith, M. McBaron, R. Fahey, D. Williams, L. Stubbs, S. Smith, R. Janzen, H. Simpson, A. Brighton, B. Goodman

Apologies: J. McCormack, I. Scott, K. Taylor, M. Flood, P. Jones, K. Weldon, D. McCombie, D. Sforcina
Minutes of AGM 2015

Were read.                         Moved: D. Spears           Seconded: G. Smith                       Carried

Business Arising:           1. Summer rides:

Motion: that the weekday and Sunday start times revert back to 8:00am. Moved: P.Jones   Seconded: H. Simpson                       Carried

  1. Ride Leaders reimbursement: to remain at the discretion of the committee.


President’s Annual Report:

DUBBUG for the year ending 2015

In presenting this report I would like to thank all members for their support throughout the year. All rides have taken place on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays in their usual manner and have proved very successful. Special thanks to Herb Simpson for acting as ‘tail end Charlie’ once again, and also to all ride leaders for jobs well done.

Some of our group had two trips. One to New Zealand and one to Sulawesi (Thanks Mike) while the remainder of the group rode at home as usual.

It was sad that our weekday coffee venue had to be changed due to June’s family circumstances and we now have our coffee at the Boardwalk Café which seems to be working well. June’s husband, Adrian, sadly passed away over the Christmas period.

Colleen left us in the latter part of the year and we all wished her well in her return to America. Her organising skills will be sorely missed.

Our Christmas Party was a great success at North Beach, thanks to the work done by Kirk Taylor in organising it all and to Rayner for being our Santa for the day. Many thanks to Bello Don for his input into Lake Macquarie’s rides.

Thanks to all outgoing office bearers and committee members and I wish the DUBBUG group all the best for a successful 2016.

Moved: G. Smith              Seconded: H. Simpson                                                   Carried


Treasurer’s Annual Report    Financial report 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2015  (sent separately)

Moved: G. Smith              Seconded: M. Ottaway                 Carried

Treasurer’s recommendation:   Membership fees to be $20 for 2016.

Moved: H. Simpson        Seconded: R. Janzen                      Carried


Election of Office Bearers:

President:                           Rayner Janzen

Vice President:                 David Spears

Treasurer:                           Herb Simpson

Secretary:                           Mike Flood

Committee:                       Phil Jones, Michele Ottaway, Leroy Stubbs, Bruce Goodman


General Business:

  1. Thank you to all outgoing office bearers for 2015
  1. Motion: To rescind the previous motion excluding the use of the New Highway between Raleigh Overpass and Mailman’s Track.

Seconded: R. Janzen                                                                      Carried (9 in favour, 3 against)

This motion generated vigorous debate re:

  • the dangers of the narrow sections
  • the increased responsibility of leaders
  • need to notify RMS and Councils for more signage
  1. Social Manager: invite Kirk Taylor to undertake this task.

Moved: M. Ottaway                               Seconded: D. Williams                                                   Carried

  1. Christmas 2016 function: Evening or luncheon? Leave to Social Manager.
  1. Poor riding manner: Herb commented on the occasions when the groups are NOT following road rules and that this behaviour is selfish and inconsiderate to other road users. This matter needs to be constantly referred to, especially as the rules of cycling are about to change with significant financial penalties.
  1. Meeting Andrew Fraser: Coffs Harbour BUG group has requested a meeting with Andrew Fraser re the proposed changes to the fines for breaches and has invited DUBBUG to attend. Date to be advised.

Meeting Closed, 10.30am