25th August 2013 – Urunga to Sawtell

DUBBUG ride report
25 August 2013
Colleen Henry

The great English poet William Wordsworth was convinced that nature provided a balm for all the evils brought on by the urban life, which included envy of others, anxiety and other maladies. One could argue that cycling provides just such a balm, with today’s ride an exemplar.

The air was crisp, the sky blue, the company “bonnie” – all in all, fantastic conditions. Thirteen people left Urunga BP shortly after the appointed hour of 8am. The ride was straightforward and easy, namely up the new highway to Lyons Road, on to Sawtell and then to the surf club, for a total of a little more than 30kms in total.

The group of 13 managed to attract three more riders along the way, so we descended on the venue like a horde of locusts, moving the tables and the umbrellas around to suit us, which the staff and other café patrons put up with and we spent an enjoyable hour talking, sitting in the sun and supping great coffee.

The ride back was the same route we took out and was as uneventful. There was a spread of glass that everyone went through, but no one succumbed to, at least while we were on the ride, so not even a flat tyre to report.