17th November 2013 – Urunga to Bellingen via North Bank/South Arm roads

DUBBUG Ride Report
George Smith
17th November 2013

Sunday was a day made for riding. Ten of the crew took to the North Bank road from Urunga to Bellingen and the return via South Arm Road.
The ride has a lot of hills which make it a favorite of “super-fit” folk like Phil, Mike, Kirk, Don, David and Michelle. Not so much in the cases of George, Herb, Alan, and Mark. However, all completed the journey in a respectable manner and there were no detected cases of hill walking.
The wind was light the sun was out and the “tyre gods” left us alone for a change. Given recent storms it was great that the “rain gods” also absented themselves.
The Butter Factory food and coffee stop, allowed some detailed discussion as to the existence of tyre and rain gods. The assertion, made by many, is that to mention “lack of punctures”, or “good weather”, always precipitates (sorry about that) the event referred to.
The Latin expression: “Post hoc, ergo prompter hoc”, got serious mention. (For those, who like me, may need an explanation – a rough translation of that is: “After the event therefore because of it”). It is almost never true and fits the superstition about called tyre/rain gods very well.
Who said that cycling involves only strong legs and weak brains? Having exhausted philosophy the riders got back in the saddle and completed a very enjoyable ride without incident.
The only downside to the otherwise nearly perfect scenario was the substance produced by cows, that is not milk, and which when spread generously on fields promotes growth. Regrettably when spread on roads it provides clothes and bikes covered in —-! Michelle’s steed “Orby” proved particularly adept at collecting the substance. I still support cows and had a milk shake in Bellingen.