Yamba Ride 11-15 September 2013

Co-operation is usually better than contention in relationships, education. international affairs and life in general. And so it was when the DUBBUG and the Coffs BUG joined forces to plan and undertake a five day cycling event based in Yamba in mid-September with participation from the Yamba bike riders.

Organiser-in-Chief Robert did not get to enjoy the benefits of his labour in organizing the daily rides for a medical alert sent him to Sydney. However Alan ably substituted and ensured everyone knew each day what was planned. He too was smitten by the “organizer personal disaster syndrome” and had his vehicle demolished around him while checking a ride route. Obviously both shaken and stirred he still managed to carry out his duties with smiling inoffensiveness. Although involved in the same crash Bev remained the soul of bonhomie at the campsite despite having gone “cruising for a bruising”.

A warm-up ride around town on Wednesday in blustery conditions saw group members lose one another and as a result most coffee providers in Yamba enjoyed some of our business. Thursday’s ride to Brooms Head also had a less auspicious beginning as the delayed opening of the camp kitchen let to lateness arriving at the start point for some and others had already departed on time believing the main group was already ahead.

Peak hour traffic in Townsend was a little aggressive but everyone enjoyed their perambulations over the rolling hills to Brooms Head knowing the slight headwind would become a substantial tailwind for the return journey. The pace was hot coming home with Michelle nearly busting her kerpooper valve but managing to remain with the leaders.

The next day continued the speed theme with the group dividing into two as half a dozen local riders joined the fray in the quick paced ride from the Clarence Yacht Club onto Ashby Island and return. Savage winds played havoc with wheel suckers as the normal peloton divided into echelons across the narrow roads. Food and hot beverages calmed the chilled and exhausted souls upon their return to the yacht club.

In Saturday’s flat ride around Woodford Island Kirk revelled in the windy conditions to lead the group home. This 35km ride was a welcome respite after the more taxing rides on previous days but, never willing to short-change ourselves. we doubled up with an afternoon ride around Yamba in very blustery conditions.

Sunday’s ride from Harwood was to prove very challenging for those indecently competitive spirits who cannot resist the challenge of sprint sectors and the perennial cycling hazard of trying to drop one’s companions. Contention ruled as Mike and Phil carried the day over the locals who had set the early pace. Some skulduggery was afoot however as on the return ride from Iluka to Harwood some members were left behind at the Woody Head catch-up stop and Phil’s kerpoopa was severely stretched in his futile efforts to catch the fast moving lead group.

A giant regroup occurred for a lunch finale at the Harwood Hotel where all concerned agreed that, once again, a cycling trip away from Urunga had been fantastically successful and that combining the neighbours DUBBUG and Coffs BUG in unison with the local Yamba group had been great fun.

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