Wrinkle Free Ride Sunday 22 May

Harken this Sunday on a DUBBUG cycle ride which may very well return youth to your side. This ride we concentrate on losing those wrinkles and slowing the ageing process.  Don’t believe us? There is scientific evidence that regular, short, intense exercise can significantly improve your fitness & activate mitochondria, which are critical for health. The more mitochondria you have, the lower your risk for developing many chronic diseases.

Firing up your mitochondria can transform your health and fitness.  See the ABC Catalyst report to see how for yourself.

Sunday’s ride starts from Urunga BP at 8 am.  We visit the Toormina velodrome and introduce high-intensity interval training (HIT) – you only need to cycle for 30 secs!!  Learn about ‘VO2 max’, mitochondrial capacity & other technical terms.

And, if that is all too much to comprehend there is a great cup of coffee awaiting….

Lots of great reasons to come along and enjoy this cycle ride.  See you on Sunday!