Week Day

Overview of our Week Day rides – refer to current program for timings.

All rides start at BP Servo, North Urunga

All rides include Boardwalk Café, Urunga for coffee

1 Old Highway, Archville Station Rd, New Highway, North Beach

Total distance: 38263 m
Max elevation: 79 m
Total climbing: 415 m
Download file: DUBBUG1Archville.gpx

2 Giinigay Way, Nambucca Roundabout, Giinigay Way

Total distance: 38244 m
Max elevation: 75 m
Total climbing: 448 m
Download file: DUBBUG2NambuccaRoundabout.gpx

3 Old Highway, Lyons Rd Junction, New Highway

Total distance: 38942 m
Max elevation: 79 m
Total climbing: 455 m
Download file: DUBBUG3LyonsRdJunction.gpx

4 North Beach, New Highway South, Ballards Road, Giinigay Way

Total distance: 39887 m
Max elevation: 72 m
Total climbing: 414 m
Download file: DUBBUG4NorthBeach,NewHighway.gpx