Thrilled Not to Have to Ride to Thora

Kirk fixes Phil shoeToday’s ride was called Thora Thrill as we were meant to cycle to Thora via Bellingen. Because a majority of our riders weren’t too thrilled with the prospect of riding on gravel or doing a stretch on Waterfall Way, we abandoned the planned ride (with our ride leader’s blessing) and ended up gallivanting out to Glennifer instead, even though we had done the same ride a couple of weeks ago.

Seven riders left BP Urunga at our new summer ride time of 7am, and picked up some later-rising riders along the way. Kerrie and Kirk joined us at Raleigh and Ian and Kerrie cycled out from Bellingen to join us along North Bank Road. Dave Spears, the latest riser of all (blame the soccer game the night before) caught up to us at Glennifer.

Thanks to the earlier start time, which the DUBBUG members decided to adopt for our remaining rides in February (let’s call it adapting to climate change), the morning ride was beautifully cool. It was a real treat to cycle through the forest to Bellingen and then through more forest to Glennifer. 

We arrived at Glennifer without mishap, if you don’t count Colleen getting wet cow manure on her new bike. She was met with hoots of laughter when she used the water left in her water bottle to clean it off as soon as she got to Glennifer, but she knew they were just jealous. And Ride Leader Phil lost the bottom of his shoe, which quick-thinking Kirk taped back on with a first aid bandage.

On the way back to Bellingen, Herb again proved his worth as tail end Charlie by picking up a mobile phone and wallet he had found in the road. Kirk only discovered his loss at Bellingen, but Herb arrived shortly after and saved the day.

Twelve of us, one of whom was a very loud Kirk (at first distressed and then ecstatic) took over the Old Butter Factory. The staff there accommodated us without batting an eyelid and we had our coffees, cakes and scones in the blink of an eye. They were probably just trying to get us out of there as quickly as possible so the café could return to peace and quiet.

Our ride back to Urunga was uneventful apart from one flat tyre, and endless bouncing over and through the pot holes on North Arm Road.

Kudos to Bruce, who had left Sawtell in the dark at 6am to cycle to Urunga; by the end of his ride out to Glennifer and return to Sawtell he had done at least 90km.

Next week’s ride starts at 7am (note new start time until end of February) from BP Urunga to the Butterfly House with the route to be determined so that we don’t arrive before they open. Weekday rides on Wednesdays and Fridays are also leaving at 7am for the month of February. Join us.