Threat of Rain


Today was an easy to moderate effort rated ride covering 50km from Urunga BP to North Beach then on to Gardenmania.

Eight riders left Urunga, heading north along the highway and were very shortly joined by David and Peter. The overnight showers had cleared leaving mildly wet roads and the threat of possibly more showers to come. This did not eventuate and the roads soon dried.

We left the highway at the Waterfall Way exit and joined the Old highway to cross the Raleigh bridge and turn onto Mylestom Drive. On a sunny day, this is one of the nicest rides in the area. Even with today’s overcast sky, riding alongside the river en-route to North Beach was invigorating. Upon reaching the surf club we were joined by David Chambers as we admired the ocean.

On our way back from the beach, we met up with Michelle, just before we climbed the winding road that took us past the old butchers shop to the top of Perry’s hill and a regroup at Mailman’s track. We headed up the old highway to Lyons Rd where we crossed onto the bicycle track that follows the new highway, exiting at Sawtell Rd and making our way to Gardenmania, where the welcoming staff had a table for twelve waiting for us. What a coincidence that we had exactly twelve riders.

After partaking of delicious coffee and cakes, resting our bodies and chatting, it was time to leave Peter and Michele settled in the enjoy a second coffee and finish the first tea before they headed back into Coffs Harbour. The rest of us said our farewells  and joined the new highway, headed south to Urunga.

All was going well until ride leader Bruce, leading his first ride as ride leader, got a flat tyre. Sad that he was at the back of the ride at this point. It wasn’t long before two helpers came back to lend moral support, the tyre was fixed and we met up with the others at Perry’s Hill.

Onwards we went, with a few riders filtering off at their respective exits for home. The remainder of us made it safely back to Urunga, where we said our goodbyes. All in all, it was a very pleasant ride with mild weather conditions and virtually no rain.

Today’s picture shows Herb finding his namesake, along with Cam & Michelle at picturesque Gardenmania.

Bruce Goodman