The DUBBUG Valodrome Fun

On the first Sunday of October 2015 nine DUBBUG riders met at the Urunga BP.  Despite it being a 8:00am start the first day of daylight saving the air was warm and the sky was blue promising a beautiful day for cycling.  The DUBBUG set off with the surprise of the day being Herb and Blondie setting the pace.  Just after mailmans point the numbers swelled to eleven with the additions of Don and Michelle who had ridden out from Korora.


With the group heading to the Valodrome along the old Pacific highway through Bonville to the Lyons Road interchange, whilst the day endured no real head or tail winds the roads were rather pleasant with a number of other cyclists occupying the roads.  Unfortunately soon after arriving George and Phill departed heading home for prior engagements. 


The DUBBUG settled into taking part in individual time laps of the eight hundred criteria circuit.  With some surprising results the fastest rider was Kirk at a minute twenty and the rest hot on his heels.  Proving there was only twenty eight seconds between the faster and the slower rider, proving not to be that slow.  For some members the trick of the day was removing their heavy loads such as water bottles to gain the extra power of speed, putting their wheels in motion.


The DUBBUG then participated in a handicap race around the valodrome with Mike excelling and it was a matter of catch me if you can.


With all feeling pumped and mostly a little heated it was a short but maybe a little tiring ride to the Butterfly House for some well earned coffees, tasty homemade scones and conversation.  With the DUBBUG refueled, divided into two groups one heading north and the other heading south both home bound. The small group heading south choose to skip a few of the regular stops on the way home to exscape from the ever rising heat. 


The DUBBUG members had a fun filled day organised by the trusty ride leader Kirk who implemented some extra creative activities maybe a little competitive but got their hearts racing, the group feeling excited and testing their fitness levels.


All cyclist enthusiasts welcome, Wednesday and Friday rides start from Urunga BP at 8:00am. 


By Kerrie-Rae Ellis (Blondie)