Sulawesi – Day 3 Poso to Siuri

Roadworks along our route allowed us the luxury of a sleep-in, leaving at 9 am, and then a swim at morning tea in a river, at 20 km.  From then on, it was a continuous uphill climb to the beginning of the roadworks section.  The long climb and heat soon took its toll and a number of riders opted for the bus.  Those that kept on the road became fragmented as even heat exhaustion, lack of sustenance (ED) and water (Rayner & Phil) got the best of us.  Lunch did not eventuate until after 3 pm at Tentena and by then most riders were hanging out for the speciality of the house – deep fried fish skeleton.  An amazing dish served in a restaurant literally above the fish farm itself.

The roadworks had caused havoc to our riding plans and there was another one ahead that did not allow us to get through until 6 pm – so Colin organised a local dump truck & guide to show us around Tentena and then take us to the night’s accommodation.

Standing in the dump truck, brought back memories of Vietnam.   Our first stop was to some caves with the locals offering us samples of soursop and Daniel (the guide) giving us an education in cocao production and, at the caves, showing us skulls dating back some 30,000 years.

Travelling in the back of a dump truck was actually cooling!  Colin, who is legally blind, navigated us through the next set of roadworks to tonight’s place.  This is the essence of the brochures – little bungalows on the edge of a large fresh water lake with sandy beaches, the water just so pleasant!

Today’s riding was around 60 km.



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