Soggy Bottom Ride

Under a lowering sky the born optimists’ ride commenced from Urunga in a mass start.  The expected rain soon began to fall but as the water coming up from the wet road was greater than the water coming down from the sky it was hardly noticeable.  It did precipitate a short stop however to don rain gear for those cyclists who had brought it along for the ride.

Kerry on her new bike was a reformed woman while the evergreen Herb and Alan kept up a lively correspondence.  Mike, gentleman that he is, led the bunch for the duration allowing others to draft into the headwind on the return journey.  Colleen joined the group for coffee in Sawtell fearing the wet weather would do her Fijian contracted cold no good should she mount her steed.

In the absence of some of our more obsessive riders the average speed was kept to a level that all cyclists could sustain and the peleton had no stragglers all the way to Sawtell and return. 

It is not often that a Sunday ride concludes before midday but the reduced kilometers and higher than usual average speed allowed an eleven am finish.  All riders complained of cold, wet feet but no-one has purchased battery powered toe warmers or even neoprene bike galoshes.  As Don often remarks “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

Next Sunday’s 0800 hours ride is to Boambee and return from the Urunga BP with coffee at Garden Mania – a short 40km. Everyone is welcome to join us, and don’t forget we ride every Wednesday and Friday, 0800 hours from Urunga BP. More information is available on our website