Stuarts Point & Scotts Head

Mark and Dave attack Hill 2

Mark and Dave attack “Hill 2”

Ride Report for Sunday 9 November 2014

Even though this ride is a continuous progression of hills and valleys, enough oxygen was still available for the group to enjoy discussions.

Discussion topics en route are a clear indication that other road traffic was minimal for most of the ride.  This is to be expected in a 60 kilometre course that commenced with the Upper Warrell Creek Road from Macksville, then southward along Highway One to the recently reconfigured Stuarts Point turn-off, on to Stuarts Point, then to Scotts Head for refreshments and finally back to our starting point in Macksville.

This itinerary mostly follows quiet, forested roads that are conducive to riding in pairs with conversation helping to while away the journey. We all now know to avoid any sodium nitrate cured meats and that milk is not a preventative for osteoporosis.

Ed was the designated photographer, as he was able to establish enough of a lead at will to then snap other riders as they passed him by.  As usual Phil and Mike were the pace setters, Dave kept a close watch pushing from behind, Mark rode without raising a sweat appearing not to notice the energy sapping terrain, while BettyAnne kept Kirk under control.

Climbing Hill 2

“Hill 2” can be a challenge

Next Sunday’s ride is a mercifully easy 45km from Urunga to Sawtell Garden Centre and return commencing at 0800 hours from the BP in Urunga.

Mike Flood