Ride Report 7th April 2013 – Nambucca to Pub With No Beer

DUBBUG Ride Report 07 April 2013

Cool, dry and sunny conditions are perfect for cycling. The 86km ride from Nambucca to the Pub With No Beer at Taylors Arm and return is always strenuous with numerous serious hills to climb particularly on the outward leg.

The dappled light on the wet road made it difficult to see potholes as the riders descended at speed in the strobe-like sunlight. No-one came to grief however and the beautiful conditions matched the quality of the scenery in the upper Nambucca River valley.

Liz was doing a great job on her heavy hybrid bike without the assistance of cleats and cycling shoes accelerating past younger riders on the steep climbs. Deb too kept a good pace over the hills with her extensive touring experience standing her in good stead on the grueling climbs.

Robert and Phil again showed that age is no impediment in cycling as these septuagenarians kept up a sustained cadence out and back and seemed untroubled by the terrain or distance.

Three “pick-a-plank” wooden bridges necessitated great caution with riders choosing to dismount and walk, or push with one leg or steer carefully at low speed over these antiquated and dangerous road hazards ensuring no attack speed remains to climb the hill at the end of the bridge.

Reading his calorie counter computer, Tim was delighted to exceed 2000 calories for the ride revealing the “fat buster” therapeutic potential of cycling for weight challenged Australians. Mike was simply glad to finish after a heavy running and cycling schedule during the week.