Ride Report 6/5/2012

This week’s big news is the shakedown ride for our riders going to the tour de France this year. (That’s to watch – not compete).

The international travel enthusiasts, Bettyanne, Debbie, and David, rode to Hat Head from Urunga on Thursday, with all their gear in panniers.  They camped there until their return journey on Sunday.  They were accompanied on those rides by Phil, Mike, and Colleen on the trip down and back, and were joined at Hat Head itself by Alan and Herb, who took the easy vehicular option.  Rumour has it that Colleen may have succumbed to vehicular temptation occasionally but information on that seems to be classified.  We are inclined to forgive her as she is in training for the Sydney Half Marathon and needs to conserve some of her, otherwise boundless, energy.

Once settled in they made a number of days trips from their camp and had “a wow of a time”.  Debbie came close to making the trip a financial bonanza by coming “oh so close” to winning a car at the local club.  Ah well, a meat tray consolation prize is not too bad.

Four of us mere mortals, who stayed home, made the trip to Bellingen via South Arm and returned by North Bank.  Whilst not in the heroic mode of our mad Hatters (Hat Headers) we had a pleasant and uneventful ride with the obligatory coffee stop at the Butter Factory.  David and Chris were the pace setters but showed mercy to George by not going too fast.  Graham occupied Herb’s usual role of tail-end-Charley – this means he rode with George.  The weather was great the company great, and the coffee too was great – what more could we ask for?

Next week’s Mother’s Day ride is along the Old Highway to meet up with the Coffs Group and then to ride Northbank with them to Bellingen returning to Urunga again by Northbank. Start BP Urunga at 8 a.m.  The Wednesday and Friday ride start at Urunga BP at 8 a.m. as usual.