Ride Report 3rd March 2013

DUBBUG Ride Report 03 March 2013

Inclement weather again amended the Sunday ride programme and the 100 km cycle from Macksville to South West Rocks and return was postponed in favour of another ride to Bonville.

Soon after leaving Urunga rain wetted the appetite of the riders until George, Michele and Bettyanne decided to don their wet weather gear – so the rain immediately stopped and was not seen again for the duration of the ride.

Highway closures ensuring light traffic, jolly coffee and eats with non-cycling Herb, Alan and Bev at Garden Mania, dry weather – it was all too good to last. After encouraging the remnant triathletes along Hogbin Drive the scene was set for a speedy ride home. Don punctured, then Phil punctured, then Don punctured again and finally George punctured.

Bettyanne revealed another item from her cyclist’s emergency supplies with her magical, paper thin sheets of soap. With plenty of water everywhere all the greasy tube changing hands were soon spotless. It is a pity some people’s hearts can’t be cleansed so easily.

Finally, Phil fell off his bike at low speed in a slippery drain but added to his aura of immortality by arising with nothing but a scratch.

After all these mishaps everyone was glad to arrive back in Urunga. George was wished all the best for his forthcoming surgery to overcome the riders’ curse of back pains.