2nd June 2013 Macksville to Kempsey

DUBBUG Ride Report
2nd June, 2013

George Smith

Some unkind people have been heard to say that “to be a cyclist one needs strong legs and a weak brain”.  Regrettably three of our group provided evidence to support the latter assertion by their efforts this Sunday.

Perhaps I should explain.  You see, the scheduled ride was a 104 km ride from Macksville to Kempsey and back.  Now, in view of the distance and the “wet weather” forecast, many of our members either opted not to ride at all, or to ride only the Urunga Bellingen circuit. (At least there is some evidence of intelligence there).

Four (mentally challenged?) riders, set out on the Kempsey ride.  Grant, on his new recumbent bike showed some semblance of brain function by turning back at Eungai Rail.  The three remaining riders (Phil, Herb and George) cycled on towards Kempsey, and the looming dark grey rain clouds.  All went well until, just short of Frederickton, Phil staged a puncture.  That was bad enough but, with impeccable timing, the heavens then opened up with torrential rain.

Now, here is my point.  A rational person would have considered turning back at this point.  What did our trio do?  They decided to extend the ride by taking the Kempsey by-pass and entering Kempsey from the South.  I must admit that the bypass ,in good weather, might have been great but  wind and rain tended to, excuse the expression, dampen the enthusiasm.

The only sensible decision from there on was the one to have an early lunch of bacon and eggs at Lou’s.

Despite being cold and wet the three soldiered on and completed the, now 121 km ride, without further incident and found a clear sky to welcome them back to Macksville.

Once safely back at Macksville all declared that it was a “good ride!”  ….  I rest my case.