Ride Report 26th August 2012 – Urunga to Bellingen via SouthArm/NorthBank Roads

It was a beautiful morning for an easy ride to Bellingen with a mild temperature, little wind and the sun beaming down on our Urunga starting point. After the mandatory five minute extra time wait and a.texted message from our leader that he could not make it because the dog ate his knicks (he does not have a dog) we set off along Shortcut Rd and into Southarm rd to Bellingen.  It was good to see the return of Bruce and Steve from an overseas trip where they both maintained their riding condition by cycling 50 km. each day as part of their tour.

As usual the stronger riders being Phil, Tim, Dave and Steve set a brisk pace with Allan being a link to Herb and Bruce covering the rear. Partway along Southarm Rd. we encountered another Allan, one of our regular riders going in the counter clockwise direction, being fully digital he cannot comprehend the ancient method of such directions but as he realised we were heading for the Butter Factory for refreshments he turned around and joined the ride. This route to Bellingen following the Kalang River and returning along the Northbank Rd. overlooking the Bellinger provides some of the most attractive scenery being a feature of the evergreen Bellinger Valley.

After refreshments at the Butter Factory we completed the 50 km. ride back to Urunga without any problems or mishaps except for a very minor chain dislodgement, which was corrected in a very efficient manner without involving any delays, overall it was a highly enjoyable and healthy Sunday ride.