Ride Report 10th February 2013 – Dorrigo to Fernbrook Loop

With cool, sunny weather and only one hill in a 37 km ride it all sounded far too easy for the intrepid DUBBUG cyclists. The hill, however, is over 18 km of climbing up the Dorrigo Plateau.

Several riders indulged their masochism with the pre-ride, unrelenting 11 km climb from Bellingen up Dorrigo Mountain. Being gentlemen, and gentlemen only as all the female cyclists absented themselves once again, the remaining band waited patiently for the mountain goats to arrive.

Naturally, before complete recovery was possible for Phil, Steve, and Dave the next climb up the main road from Dorrigo to the Ferndale Loop commenced. President George immediately assumed his climbing position at the rear of the field but soldiered on manfully to join the rest of the group taking a breather at the start of this byroad. With his recent investment in new bike wheels Bruce was the stand out improver in the hill climbing points chart with Allan pressing hard too.

Fortunately smell is the fastest adjusting of human senses, so the pungent aroma of fresh cowpats was quickly assimilated and the magnificent views were enjoyed by all riders. Flies too enjoyed the mountain air and some riders were becoming fatigued carrying the extra etymological weight on their shoulders.

Of course, what goes up must come down, so the 18 km descent was quickly accomplished as the scenery flashed by at around one kilometre each minute, or in Mike and Tim’s case, considerably faster.

This wonderful cycling quickly ended when Herb fell at the last hurdle entering Dorrigo. His distress was soon ameliorated as lovely, competent medical staff at the Dorrigo Hospital attended to a nasty, deep gash on his elbow and other wounds. Dr Perumpanani did a particularly good job of treating the veteran who now has more patches than his bike tubes. And, as we all know, Herb is self-inflating, so he was soon back to his cheerful best. We all wish him a quick recovery.

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