Vietnam Day 10 – Return to Hanoi

DSC04707In the morning we walked around Ba Be before leaving in buses back to Hanoi, with lunch along the way.  A favourite local industry includes creating & drying plywood sheets, with many on the sides of the road.  The roads out of the mountains are windy and, when we got to it, the maximum speed limit on the “motorway” is 80 km/h.  Even then, there are lots of reminders to “keep spacing”.  The major transport in Vietnam is the motorcycle – when trying to cross a road, never run so they have time to avoid you!  Throughout the tour we tried to collect photographs of motorcycles carrying incredible loads.

We were all keen to catch up with Alan and pleased he was at the hotel waiting for us.  The “old quarters” of Hanoi is a delight on the weekends as they close the streets at night to only pedestrians – amazing bands appear, and food stalls are abundant.  Be sure to check out the music videos.

Click here for photos and videos of Day 10.

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