Report by GH 14/11/2011

Another dry mountain bike ride with good numbers, that’s two dry MTB rides now and that’s a record. Looking at the weather before the ride there were thoughts of much mud and slop, but it never happened. Only 3 for the road bike ride to Sawtell and we all felt sorry for Graham Richardson working his heart out trying to keep up with Sally Curtis and Colleen Henry who would give him no mercy.

The MTB, no hills ride from Urunga to Gleinnifer was a great ride mostly in the shade of trees, which  kept riding cool. It was very pleasing to hear George Smith say it was a great ride, think he has been converted and will want all MTB rides from now on. Of course I didn’t hear what he said under his breath. Phil Jones and Alan Brighton braved the gravel roads on narrow tyres. This slowed them on the down hills a little, but they made up for it on the ups with their higher gearing. The ride took us along the old highway and we turned into Valery Rd. through Valery past Valery Trails and onto Glennifer Rd and then along Timboon Rd to Glennifer. The country around the area looks magnificent with some great views over the pastures and the river. No wonder there seems to be more houses in the area each time we ride there. Of course there were hills but most were a gradual gradient that didn’t work us too hard. George Smith made an executive decision to ride Rose’s Rd, ( to Herb Simpson’s disgust ) which again gave us some great views and a couple of little hills and was well worth the detour. Again a majority decision was made to have coffee at the Butter Factory and also the return to Urunga via Waterfall Way with rain threatening.

Weekday rides are full on with good numbers and we rode Butlers rd. on Friday without anybody getting lost which is nearly a record in itself.  Great to have Bob & Lynn Cooper join us for morning tea at the Kalang. From memory Brian Witcher & Maggie, Chris Fahey, Betty Hudson, Ron Day and Brian Bailey also joined us.

Next Sunday 20th November is a drive up to Dorrigo ( I know one person going to ride up there ) meet at the Top Pub at 8am for a ride out to Fernbrook Loop, which is only a 40km ride.

More Information 666527464.

Weekday rides as usual start at the Urunga BP at 7.30 am on Wednesday and Friday, see you there. More information 66527464