Report by GH 12/12/2011

Unfortunately the disease is contagious and Jannine Cowan has caught it from Alan Brighton and led a group of riders astray and were lost on Friday. The rest of the group stopped and waited and waited for them to catch up, after a phone call we found the astray riders were already back having coffee. How can somebody get lost on a 35km ride ?

Sunday the cause of all these problems dun it again, Alan Brighton, went and got lost, but he keeps coming back, we don’t seem to be able to lose him completely. This time before I could stop Herb Simpson he went back and found him, thus missing out on a chance to lose Alan altogether.

The Christmas Party was a roaring success particularly for the one who organised it, great roll-up. Good  food and the pudding for the price was outstanding.

No names mentioned but one rider turned up at Urunga on Sunday with a pair of gloves that were different to each other and both for his left hand.

Great ride on Sunday if you could keep up, the fast riders kept taking the long route and meeting up with the slow riders. This wasn’t a complete success as the slow riders picked up the pace and often beat the others to the meeting point. Steve Drake, Michelle and Gary Collard attacked Perry’s Hill, Steve’s knee making a miraculous recovery, which is great. From Urunga along the highway to Lyons rd and then over to Hogbin dr and around Beacon Hill cycleway. Bettyanne Austin achieved a long awaited goal and rode up Beacon Hill, didn’t look like falling off. Ray Guiana showed bursts of speed, probably all the Christmas pudding helped.

For those who thought that the ride into Coffs was fast, well they received a surprise on the way back to Urunga. That Mike Flood set a very fast pace that even Phil Jones found challenging, but Bettyanne and Deb O’Reilly sat on his tail , it was just like being in the Tour de France ( well nearly ) .

Sundays ride is a John McCormack Mystery ride which when last I spoke to him was a mystery to him as well. But it will be an all bitumen ride in a roundabout way to Nambucca Heads. He is just looking for a few more hills. Start 7.30am from BP Urunga, more info 66527464. Two weeks after a knee replacement John  might be back on his bike- soon.

As usual Wednesday and Friday rides from Urunga BP at 7.30 am about 35 easy kilometers. See you there.