Weekday Rides

Weekday Rides

Click here for our popular tourist cycle circuits (short & scenic)

Weekdays rides are generally every Wednesday and Friday. Meet at BP North Urunga at 8:00am for a 35-40 km ride.
Sunday rides are as per the program.

Peoples’ thinking varies as to what each considers easy, medium or hard rides. It is best  to make your own decision & take into account the terrain, ride distance & your fitness level.

Riding with the group.

  • If you are listed as the ride leader for the day and you are unable to do it please arrange a replacement leader.
  • Everyone attending a ride must wear a helmet & their bike should meet all legal requirements. Please obey all road rules.
  • Although we are legally able to ride 2 abreast, we try not to upset motorists and where roads are narrow ride single file.
  • We also acknowledge good behaviour by drivers with a wave when they are courteous to us.
  • It is a good idea to carry a pump, spare tube, necessary tools, puncture repair outfit, water, some food and sunscreen.
  • You can join a ride at any point on the ride. But please let the ride leader know what you are doing.
  • If you are leaving the group or taking a different route make sure the ride leader knows.
  • When group riding ensure the rider/s behind you know the group have turned off, wait for them so they can see where the group has turned.

We are always open to ideas for rides, please make any suggestions or rides you particularly like.

We have tried to include a range of rides, some easy, some medium & some hard &, of course, the socialising.

If you don’ t have a bike and want to have a try, we can supply a bike for the day, phone us the day before.

If you have a bike just turn up at the meeting point & we will make you welcome.

Rides are held under the umbrella of Bicycle NSW. To be covered by their Public Liability policy you must be a member of Bicycle NSW.  After 4 rides with the group we ask that you financially join DUBBUG.  Membership details can be found by clicking here for details.  Membership fees covers things like web fees, BBQ’s, subsidies for events/jerseys etc. We attempt as much as possible to use the money to improve the group and on social activities.

Remember cycling is a dangerous recreational activity

Overview of our Week Day rides.

All rides start at BP Servo, North Urunga

All rides include Boardwalk Café, Urunga for coffee

1. Old Highway, Archville Station Rd, New Highway, North Beach

Download file: DUBBUG1Archville.gpx

2. Giinigay Way, Nambucca Roundabout, Giinigay Way

Download file: DUBBUG2NambuccaRoundabout.gpx

3. Old Highway, Lyons Rd Junction, New Highway

Download file: DUBBUG3LyonsRdJunction.gpx

4. North Beach, New Highway South, Ballards Road, Giinigay Way

Download file: DUBBUG4NorthBeach,NewHighway.gpx

Weekday Rides


Is there a way to get voice directions?

Well, yes!  It takes a little setup, however we use this method with great results:

Download free OsmAnd app onto your mobile & import the required GPX (or create your own).  Click here for a tutorial.

Purchase bluetooth bone conduction headphones.  They don’t block your ears & enable easy to hear directions whilst cycling.  Click here for the headphones we have tried.