Raleigh Bridge Update

RMS Project Manager has advised the Raleigh Bridge temporary walkway will be open to cyclists on Saturday 14th July.  The walkway is rated to take max 4 pedestrians/cyclists at a time.  Cyclists will need to dismount.

The bridge consists of 3 spans. The RMS are working on one span at a time, and the walkway will go around the span they are working on.  A gantry system has been constructed on top of the bridge to “slide” the scaffolding from one span to the next.  I am advised that it could take up to a week to move between each span.  During this time, the walkway will be closed.

Even whilst the walkway is available, there will be times that it may be closed due to paint removal process etc – hence important to identify those times most used.

RMS intend to put this information at the bridge.  A publicity announcement is due to be released including a reminder of the safe vehicle passing distance (1.5m above 60 kmph).  The shoulders on the A1 are narrow between Urunga & Mailman’s Track interchange and drop sharply.  Lookout for the dead animal about halfway along, going south.

Cheers, ED