Picking Up Strays ….

“Picking Up Strays …”
Ride Report 12th June 2016
Ian Scott

My next attempt at being a ride leader! After loosing the whole bunch last time, I wondered what adventures today’s ride would bring.

Eleven riders congregated at the BP servo for a medium ride up the new highway then around Boambee Valley. As we approached the roundabout on Waterfall Way, four more riders joined the group. Approaching Perrys Hill a bunch of fools, led by Dave Spears, decided to continue with their high intensity fitness training by doing 30 second sprints while climbing Perrys. I was just glad to get to the top!

At Mailmans Track we cross over to the new highway then continue to the next re-group point at Lyons Road. Arriving at Lyons Road yet another rider has joined the group. George has a flat tyre and says he will meet us at our coffee stop.

The route from here is down the cycleway to the Lindsays Road underpass, follow Lindsays Road then left into McAlpine Way, right at Ayrshire Park Drive, a short steep climb then a quick downhill descent, left at Middle Boambee Road, left at Lindsays Road then finally coffee at the Secret Garden Cafe at Garden Mania. Lo and behold two more riders!

After coffee and scones we head back along Lindsays Road, under the highway then the cycleway to Lyons Road where I say my goodbyes to the group while they head back to Urunga along the new highway into a nice headwind that has sprung up.

So, last time as ride leader I lost the entire group. This time I started with eleven riders and ended up with eighteen!!

Next Sunday’s ride is an old favorite, Urunga to Bellingen via North Bank/South Arm roads. Contact Kirk on 04 1142 4325 for more details.