NZ Day 15 Epilogue

It seems only logical to follow up our recent NZ cycling adventure with some “behind the scenes” facts and figures.  Firstly, a big thank you goes to Mike & Colleen for putting together the itinerary and planning the journey.  A map of the approximate journey can be found on the following link, with the towns indicated where we stopped overnight.

  • Total Distance Cycled: 774 km
  • Average Daily distance:  60 km
  • Elevation climbed:  8039 m
  • Average cost per night accommodation $NZ 35-40 per night
  • Average cost to “eat out” for dinner $NZ 25-30.  Mostly we chose to cook ourselves.
  • Typical cost handle of beer  $NZ 7.50
  • Typical cost of cup of coffee $NZ 4.50
  • Minimum wage:  $NZ 14.50 per hour
  • Exchange rate:  $A 1 :  $NZ 1  (so close it did not matter)
The posts & photographs were written & taken by Ed, who managed to somehow be the only one who missed out in making dinner for the group.  Ed nominates the following members for this year’s prestigious award night, traditionally held at the end of the year.
The nominations are:
  • Robert – the “Jamie Oliver” award for culinary delights after a 20 year hiatus from the stove.
  • Mark – the “Super Hero” award for supporting everything & everyone, even the family at home!
  • Phil – the “Seekers” award for trying to go that extra mile.
  • Don – the “Mechanics” award for supporting all bikes mechanical and not getting a puncture.
  • Liz – the “Captain Cook” award for navigation ahead of the rest of the pack.
  • Michelle – the “Quiet Achievers” award for her classic comment on Day 3.  She is also a strong contender for the “Youth” award in her search for eternal spa beauty.
  • Colleen – the “Hello Kitty” award for having her own holiday & managing the budget.
  • Mike – the “Pace Setters” award for leading by riding a bike that goes faster because of its colour.
  • Rayner – the “Slippery Eel” award for sliding from bed, into riding clothes, onto bike in no time flat and somehow still managing to have breakfast, clean, & pack the car before anyone else has barely emerged!