NZ Day 14 Auckland

NZ has tried hard to keep us here.  It rained all night.  In the morning Robert received 2 flat tyres, followed soon after with Mike.  Tyre tally:  Mark (2), Robert (2), Ed (2), Rayner (1), and Mike (1).  Despite all this, the weather cleared, the traffic thinned as the cricket started, and we found an Italian who could make coffee only the way Italian’s can – slow & delicious.
Coming into Auckland is scary.  They don’t seem to recognise cycling as a serious form of transport.  So we decided to catch a suburban train close to our lodgings. Rather surprisingly, the trains well catered for cyclists and we had a carriage where all the seats collapsed to allow plenty of room for our 9 bikes. It was fun trying to guess the pronunciation of the stops before they were announced by the conductor and amusing that the engine was at the rear of the train, pushing us forward.
Tomorrow we leave for home and look forward to sharing our adventures in person.  Thanks NZ, ewes were great!
Distance (cycled): 43 km