NZ Day 11 Hamilton

It was supposed to be a short ride between Cambridge and Hamilton, however, in true DUBBUG tradition, the ride was quickly changed to incorporate some of the local features of the region.  Firstly Colleen & Liz hit the local produce market to purchase a range of delicious breads and fresh fruits, including nashi pears.  Phil headed off to visit long lost relatives and spent the day catching up a lifetime.  Rayner, Mark & Ed took to the local bike path out to the new velodrome to get more of that “wow” factor that Phil found the previous afternoon. We then all (except Phil) regrouped to head out of the city to enjoy blueberries and coffee on an organic farm for morning tea.  Travelling across the flat blueberry fields on a variety of dirt & sealed roads in brilliant sunshine towards Hamilton was most pleasant and we enjoyed being off the major highways.  Luckily, it being Saturday there was little traffic coming into the city of Hamilton (NZ’s 3rd largest city) and we quickly turned off to enjoy a cycle along the river cycle trail into the city centre.  Colleen had brought lunch down to the water and we become part of the locals enjoying the day.  Firstly there were the “runners” – those heading off for a variety of jogging events and returning for an afternoon BBQ.  Then there was the local church group of teenagers, armed with flotation devices who hurled themselves into the mighty Waikato River to be swept downstream out of sight followed by a powerful rescue boat.  And finally of course, us bikers who enjoyed continuing down the picturesque bike track to our night stop at the backpackers in the middle of the city.
Distance:  20 km turned into 50 km
Highlights:  The whole day!