Sixteen DUBBUG riders found the hills of the Northbank-Southarm Loop particular arduous, in temperatures rising to 39 degrees on Sunday, November 3rd.  However chat along the way was typically positive and entertaining.

“They should rename this route ‘The Beautiful Way’!”

“It’s a pity that the downhills don’t go for a little longer!”

“A coffee stop in Bellingen is always the highlight of any ride!”

“Yes I fly to Sydney this afternoon and off for a couple of weeks in Perth on Tuesday!”

“My husband has left the ride early so that he can get the pool ready for me!”

“Hey there’s four women out the front!”

“Who wants to sign up for another ride in New Zealand in February?  But this year through the North Island?”

“Looking forward to four days DUBBUG riding/camping around the Hat Head area in early December…”

Yes we don’t just ride it’s a lifestyle.  Next week we have a change in the riding calendar, 30.11.14.  DUBBUG will be participating in the inaugural ‘Brian Cockbain Round the River Ride’ in Macksville.  The money raised from ride entries will support the River Festival.

Bettyanne Austen