Mangrove Jack 11 October Ride

Eleven DUBBUG riders George, Herb, Phil, Mark, Ed, Lee, Mike, Dave, Margie, Kirk and Blondie with guest Bob from Sydney sprightly left Urunga heading for Coffs Harbour.

Four riders peeled off and endured the new highway whilst eight riders conquered Perry’s Hill, passing Ian looking very cosy riding with the Coffs BUG.  All riders converged onto the new highway at Mailmans Track Road and once again increasing DUBBUG numbers to fourteen with Don and Michelle joining.

Nice ride into the head wind down the Pacific Highway with no incidents to Lyons Road for a brief catchup stop, moving on with Lee near hitting a vehicle swerving towards Margie and scaring her.

After another short catchup stop at the racecourse roundabout in the attempt to gather in DUBBUG numbers to brave any fury from magpie attacks, the BUBBUG headed for coffee with all votes to tackle the nearby hill not to incur any unnecessary double ups.

Breakfast bound and being very enjoyable at Mangrove Jacks Cafe a beautiful location overlooking Coffs Creek at the Promenade.  A setting by the river with the fish down below the deck waiting to be fed, and very pleasant watching the canoers pass by.  Breakfast was tasty, served within a good timeframe and prices very reasonable.  The owner, Phill, took great delight in showing off his cafe umbrellas with the wording Maillot Jaune printed on them and DUBBUG Phil knowing exactly what it read! Yellow Jersey worn by the leader of the Tour de France.

With our visitor riding his mountain bike, therefore not encountering the most enjoyable ride found himself feeling some unpleasant cramping.  Given the good nature of the DUBBUG, remedies for a cure were freely suggested from Blondie “eat a packet of chips they have salt” and Herb’s suggestion “sex” well there you have it, take it or leave it.

Early discussions around DUBBUG next Christmas dinner was discussed demonstrating forward thinking and the ability to plan ahead, George suggested Christmas Dinner in Paris… (contact George for all travel enquiries!)….

The return ride was completed in good fashion with all DUBBUG cyclist arriving home safe and sound by 12 midday. 

Thank you to ride leader Kirk and all DUBBUG members for a most enjoyable day.


Cycling Quiz:  Who was the last rider to win the polka dot and yellow jerseys in the same year?

      a. Bernard Hinault
      b. Marco Pantani
            c. Eddy Merckx

This rider is simply the greatest rider of all time. Nicknamed “The Cannibal” for his insatiable appetite for victories, he won virtually every important race, most multiple times.

All cyclist enthusiasts welcome, Wednesday and Friday rides start from Urunga BP at 8:00am.

By Kerrie-Rae Ellis (Blondie)