Having our cake and eating it too….

No doubt everyone on the Midnorth Coast enjoyed Sunday’s fine weather, but experiencing it on a bike had to be the best way to truly appreciate the warm and windless winter’s day.


It was quite a big turnout, with eleven people leaving Urunga BP for the shortish ride to Bellingen. Heading out via North Bank Road, we picked up three riders, so it was a large group that rattled their way over the potholes on the first part of the trip.


The pace was very gentle on the way out, but for some reason picked up markedly when we reached the first big hill. The two Dons were quickly in the lead, and they stayed there all the way to Bellingen, primarily because they didn’t stop and wait at the top of the hill, like we usually do!


With no stop, and only a short 16km or so to Bellingen along North Bank, we were soon at our coffee stop where the perfect conditions meant we were happy to loll about in the sun and talk and eat for longer than usual.


Thanks to the weather, even the route back along South Arm Road was enjoyable, even though it’s longer and has more hills. We kept a steady pace up and down the hills and along the Bellinger River, with no flat tyres or other mishaps.


The two Dons had been forewarned to stop a bit more frequently than on the way out, so the return journey took much longer, but with a day like today no one minded in the least.


And stopping gave us a chance to hear Rayner’s story about a new cake recipe she’d seen on TV, but as the saying goes – “what happens on the ride, stays on the ride” and you really needed to be there to appreciate it! I will say no more…


The new ride program is up on the website, so have a look at give some feedback if you feel so inclined. There is a link that will send an email to Colleen. If you could have any feedback to her within the next couple of weeks that would be great.


Next week’s ride is around Urunga, leaving Urunga BP at 8am and riding to Winona and Hungry Head via the Highway, then back through Urunga to North Beach, up Butcher’s Hill to the Butterfly House for coffee and then back to Urunga via the new Highway.


Rides also go from Urunga BP at 8am on Wednesdays and Fridays for distances of 30-40km. Everyone is welcome. More information is available on our website: www.dubbug.org.au