Gleniffer Galivant

With cloud cover and a smattering of rain for our ride from Urunga to Gleniffer, the  conditions were perfect for Sunday’s 10 riders.


With two flat tyres in the first 20 minutes of cycling, it was looking like a long slog of a trip, but thankfully that was all the puncture gods threw at us and the rest of the trip was uneventful.


The ride took us up North Bank Road, which is always a challenge because of its poor condition. At times the only rideable piece of pavement is in the middle of the road, and we thank the couple of drivers who came up behind us and slowed down while we returned to the potholed edges to let them pass.


The first milestone was Bellingen and we stopped briefly at the roundabout at the bottom of North Bank Road before heading out Gleniffer Road. A gentle hill or two, and a lovely quiet road amongst the trees and we arrived at the beautifully maintained Gleniffer Hall and church.


After a short break to catch our breaths we turned around to head back to Bellingen for coffee, enjoying the light rain as we covered the distance quickly.


The return to Urunga along North Bank Road was uneventful and went quickly, apart from the bone-rattling patch at the bottom of the last hill.


Ron, a newcomer who has joined us for some of our shorter weekday rides, was not sure how he’d go on his first long ride but he cycled strongly and kept up with the group all the way.


Rayner led the pack most of the day, despite worrying about sore legs from the half hour she’d spent on the treadmill the day before at the gym. And despite being on a flat bar bike, which is usually heavier and slower than a road bike.


Next Sunday’s ride is from Urunga to Coffs Harbour Jetty and return, departing Urunga BP at 8am. Our weekday rides are on Wednesday and Friday, from Urunga BP at 8am, for rides of between 30 and 40km. Everyone welcome.