Geelong/DUBBUG Canberra Tour 17 March 2020 to 24 March 2020

Hi All,

Clarification of Canberra Tour 2020

Quote from Peter Jones’ email:

I have put together a suggested itinerary similar to a Canberra Tour we did in 2013.

This time you could bring your caravan/motorhome or join with others in 2/3 bedroom cabins. Multi bedroom cabins are my preferred option on my tours because it is an economical way to provide accommodation for large groups at a reasonable price. My budget for those using the cabin option would be around $65 per person per night. I consider this good value as the accommodation is less than 5 km from the CBD and on a Bike Path.

The accommodation we used on our previous tour was excellent and when I have a solid indication of numbers it will be first on my list to call.

In view of the indicated interest in this I’m applying the old adage “Put your money where your mouth is” I will accept expressions of interest with a $50 payment per person to account 063767 11703939 please include your name on the deposit, once I have a solid number I can commence bookings and will call up a further $200 per person when needed.

The proposed itinerary is attached.

President DUBBUG:

In consultation with Peter, we both consider it would be advisable for him to arrange all accommodation – this includes caravaners/motorhomers. He does not want to give out the address of accommodation until the numbers are confirmed.  It is important that we are all located in one place.

Peter is an amazing organiser and the outstanding aspect of his tours include the shared ‘Happy Hours’ and communal eating. Riding caters for all: slow/moderate, flat, steady and where possible few hills (inclines) and plenty of catch ups.

What next:

1. Deposit:  If interested please pay $50 deposit into Peters Bank account 063767  11703939, whether your are a motorhomer/caravaner or staying in cabins (cabin dwellers may be roomed with southerner’s).

2. Transport: DUBBUG will arrange transport of riders and bikes south. Chin wag over coffee will solve this.

3. Non Riders: are all welcome.

Cheers, Rayner