Four Seasons in One Day

Five stoic riders met at Urunga on Sunday, agreeing to ride to Bellingen despite the continuous drizzle. At this point, Herb said he felt a little tired from his travels and elected to do a gentle ride to North Beach. He shared some good news about our Vice-President, regarding his health. We all wish Allan good luck for his upcoming operation.

After checking the BOM’s radar, four of us, Don, Phil, Mark and Michele, headed  for Bellingen, being met halfway by Don (also known as Fast Don or Bello Don), who had ridden out from his home near Bellingen.

Recognising  wet  roads, potholes, sticks and a fallen tree as hazards for the unwary cyclist, the five cyclists rode respectfully, arriving in Bellingen without a mishap, but perhaps a little colder and wetter. Most sensible cyclists had stayed home. Motorists seemed to have done the same.

To Phil’s surprise, he noticed Don wrapping himself in a blanket, considerately provided by the café. This is not usual, as Don is known as one of the cyclists who wears a short-sleeved cycle jersey all year round. Mark too, wore his jacket. Michele, of course, was already wrapped in one blanket, and was wistfully looking at a second one!

At this time, we were joined by Aileen, the wife of Don (from Bellingen), who kindly bought him a change of dry clothes and joined us for good coffee, food and conversation. Reluctantly we decided to leave the blankets and head home to Urunga. Unfortunately, at this time it started to rain heavily, which gave us a chance to imbue some creativity by Christine Stewart, on exhibition in the Bellingen Community Art Gallery.

The ride home was in sunshine, on an almost dry road.

Like the song by Crowded House, Four Seasons in One Day, written and sung by brothers Neil and Tim Finn about the city of Melbourne, the DUBBUGS experienced nearly all that Bellingen could offer – rain, drizzle, sunshine and even a little cold. Perhaps only three seasons? Thankfully the wind was absent, as were punctures!

Arriving back at Urunga, we were all glad that we had made the effort to ride!

Next Sunday’s ride is to Bellingen via North Bank Rd and home via South Arm Rd. We depart from the BP, North Urunga, at 8am. IMG_20151115_110636501_HDR