DUBBUG riders enjoy ANOTHER great morning tea

It may have been Ann and Bruce’s reputation for putting on a marvelous morning tea, or the fact that today’s ride was short with few hills, or it may have been the attraction of cycling on a fine winter’s day.

Whatever it was, it drew 16 DUBBUG riders for the ride from Urunga to Sawtell, a distance of just under 50km, on a nippy Sunday morning.

There were too many riders to mention by name in the report, but it was great to see Steve (Basketball Steve) back riding after a long recovery from a cycling accident.

With school holidays and the extra traffic on the highway, we opted to head north via the Old Highway route as far as Lyons Road.

Everyone was kitted out in long knicks, long fingered gloves, head bands and jackets over our usual yellow and black DUBBUG jerseys.

Layers started coming off at the first stop after the hill at Repton, when we were a bit warmer but there was still enough chill in the air to remind us it was winter, even with the clear blue sky.

There was a small hold-up with one flat tyre on the way, but we seemed to arrive at Ann and Bruce’s home at Sawtell in record time.

Sitting in the sun on their north-facing patio and enjoying the homemade goodies, along with cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate was a great way to spend a Sunday morning, and was greatly appreciated by the DUBBUG riders.New Highway

Once fortified, the group decided to return to Urunga via the Pacific Highway rather than the Old Highway.

The riding conditions leant themselves to a small peloton forming with the faster group, as riders took turns at the front to break the wind for the ones behind; the group sped along at 40km per hour for quite a distance before the first hill slowed them down.

Talk of the day was of the Coffs Challenge coming up in August, with many of our riders training for the event outside of our usual ride times.

Rides take place every Wednesday and Friday, departing from the Urunga BP at 8am. Next Sunday’s ride is from Urunga BP along the Old Highway to Boambee and return via Lindsays Road Cycleway to Lyons Rd. Coffee at Garden Mania.

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