DUBBUG Ride Report 18th January 2015


George Smith


Days like this Sunday are the ones that remind us just how great cycling can be.  The weather was fine and Sunny. Whilst it was warm it lacked the horrible humidity that has plagued us over so many recent rides.

17 riders participated in our journey from Urunga to the Pet Porpoise Pool at Coffs Harbour Jetty.  We took the Old Highway to Lyons Road and then the Cycleways for the remainder of the trip.  A short detour to the end of the Southern Breakwall was a delightful side trip and well worth the moderate extra effort required.

Michaela, one of our newer members, provided a little excitement by powering her way past the cycleway regroup point.  She was quickly chased down by Phil and Dave “ED”, who guided her back to the chosen route.  These two stalwarts declared themselves quite happy to help.  Cynics in the peloton suggested that chasing after girls is what they have done all their lives and that no particular credit should be assigned them for this occasion.  I couldn’t possibly comment on that.

Mike Flood provided the only mechanical incident with the development of a bulge in his tyre.  Being an experienced rider he was able to correct this anomaly by the simple, and speedy, expedient of a quick deflation and reinflation which brought him back to the group before he had even been missed.

The obligatory coffee stop took place at the Pet Porpoise Pool where fast service and excellent ‘eats’ were just more pleasures to enhance the ride.

The trip home took us through Toormina and then the New Highway home.  Most riders completed the ride in fine condition.  Regrettably I was not one of them and suffered somewhat from dehydration.  It highlights the need to not just carry fluids, which I did, but to actually drink them which I neglected to do!  Well, at least not in sufficient amounts.

Next Sunday the ride, led by George, will be a short one to the Bongil Bongil National Park Picnic Area where we will hold our AGM.  The start will be 8:00 am from the BP North Urunga and the meeting starts at 9:30 am.

The Wednesday and Friday rides will start at the North Urunga BP as usual.